SPRING 2016! This is definitely the season for going forward with fresh vision! If you started the year off with a dream, it's time to dream it bigger! Don't allow the world's forecast of doom and gloom discourage or drag you down. You have divine purpose and there is no mistake you are here for such a time as this! God has a future and hope already mapped out for you! Let nothing limit or hold you back...run with God and expect His Presence to be made visible in everyday life through miracles, signs, and wonders!

Living Stones Fellowship has transitioned to an online ministry! Our heart is to stay connected with all the wonderful people we've interacted with over the years as pastors in Iowa at LSF church. You are precious to us, and as Living Stones, we recognize your value as priceless gems! You can connect with us by going to the horizontal bar, clicking on LINKS and then on Ministries. Be sure and send us your prayer requests!